Preliminary study on charging patterns dedicated for low power smart mobile devices via modular RF Energy Harvester: iPowerKit

This study presents the potential use of an alternative power source for low-power devices based on RF energy harvesting scheme, so as to solve the limitations of the conventional charging patterns. The main inspiration behind this work was to improve the technology of the obsolete healthcare monitoring and recording devices. To do so, an optimized RF energy harvesting and storage scheme is proposed (the so-called iPowerKit); its versatile design renders iPowerKit a flexible solution for the supply of a variety of low-power applications. Energy consumption analysis based on wearable devices is presented. Useful design orientations and a printed circuit board example are given.

Alexandros Boubaris, Nick Papanikolaou, Christos Christodoulou

2023 18th IEEE International Workshop on Cellular Nanoscale Networks and their Applications (CNNA)
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