Direct Estimation of Equivalent Bioelectric Sources Based on Huygens’ Principle

An estimation of the electric sources in the heart was conducted using a novel method, based on Huygens’ Principle, aiming at a direct estimation of equivalent bioelectric sources over the heart’s surface in real time. The main scope of this work was to establish a new, fast approach to the solution of the inverse electrocardiography problem. The study was based on recorded electrocardiograms (ECGs). Based on Huygens’ Principle, measurements obtained from the surface of a patient’s thorax were interpolated over the surface of the employed volume conductor model and considered as secondary Huygens’ sources. These sources, being non-zero only over the surface under study, were employed to determine the weighting factors of the eigenfunctions’ expansion, describing the generated voltage distribution over the whole conductor volume. With the availability of the potential distribution stemming from measurements, the electromagnetics reciprocity theorem is applied once again to yield the equivalent sources over the pericardium. The methodology is self-validated, since the surface potentials calculated from these equivalent sources are in very good agreement with ECG measurements. The ultimate aim of this effort is to create a tool providing the equivalent epicardial voltage or current sources in real time, i.e., during the ECG measurements with multiple electrodes.

Georgia Theodosiadou, Dimitrios G. Arnaoutoglou, Ioannis Nannis, Sotirios Katsimentes, Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis, George A. Kyriacou

Publication Date
September 9th, 2023
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